PCBA / Battery Packs for Household Products

Tell us what you want, and we will take care of it!  From design to production, we are the experts in designing the circuits.  One of our strong suits is developing controllers for household products such as toys, speakers, kitchen appliances, and any products you can find at home.  We also provide many battery packs to our customers, especially lithium batteries that require special handling for air shipments.

Garden Tools

We have been manufacturing garden tools for over 30 years, specializing in garden lights, irrigation controllers, and grass trimmers.  You can depend on our expertise to develop your gardening tool.  We are happy to become your OEM or ODM supplier.

Automotive / Industrial Controllers

When it comes to industrial controllers, a long operating life is the most important of all aspects.  We understand your concerns, and our quality system will minimize the defects occurred from manufacturing.  We can also perform any extensive testing per your requirement.

DIY Power Tools

Many of our clients are from the power tools market.  Our clients entrust us to build their products, such as DIY power tools and power paint tools for them.  From electronic assembly to plastic injection molding to finished product assembly, we build everything in house to ensure your quality standards are met.  Most of our products are shipped to the U.S.A. and Europe and sold at large retailers such as The Home Depot, Walmart, Lowes, Menards, and Aldi.

Electrical Household Products

Practical, stylish, and long-lasting are our main principles in developing household products.  Here at Electa, we aim to design products that will have a special place in your home.  If you have any ideas or interests, feel free to contact us.