can we help?

If you are not sure which toolmaker is best for you, please come and consult with us.  We have the experts to match you with the most suitable toolmaker for your application.  We can mold the plastic parts for you and keep your mold well maintained.

Here are the general procedures:

  1. Customer provides concept or design ( 2D drawing or 3D files).
  2. Discuss special requirements or options.
  3. We provide Quotation & Lead time.
  4. Once customer approves, we will provide Design for Manufacturability (DFM) along with mold flow analysis.
  5. Once a mold is finished, we will do trial shot & FAI and send the samples to customer.
  6. Toolmaker will make final adjustments on the tooling.
  7. We will do pilot run, CpK analysis, final FAI report, and send the final samples to customer for approval.


General Steps at Tooling Companies
  • High Precision Wire Cut
  • High Speed CNC
  • High Precision EDM
  • Grinding
  • Mold Fitting
  • Polishing
  • CMM measuring
Mold Special Requirement & Options
  • Hot runner manifold solution
  • Fully automatic unscrewing molds
  • Conformal cooling channel using 3D printing technology
  • Overmold
  • Dual shot mold
  • Insert mold
  • 2-plate or 3 plate mold
Common Software used by Toolmakers
  • Unigraphics (3D Mold Design & CNC Programming)
  • AutoCAD (2D Mold Design)
  • Mold Flow (CAE)