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Flexibility is the key to success.  In today's business, multiple variations of models with low volumes have become more typical, and at Electa, we have the right manufacturing model for you.  From work cell stations to traditional assembly line to fully automated assembly lines, we have all of the solutions that you require.  We also have the flexibility to arrange our production schedule to accommodate your needs, whether you have a rush order or an upcoming promotion.

We are a one-stop OEM manufacturer, we have the ability to manage hundreds of suppliers and source any kind of components.  From material ordering to incoming inspection to our final product assembly, we monitor every stage of the process to ensure that a quality product is built for you.


Our Automatic Machines

We have an Automation & Lean Manufacturing team, focusing in improving our production efficiency.  

Some of our Automation Machine:

  • Fully automatic air cap drilling machine
  • Automatic screwing machine
  • Terminal crimping machine
  • Electronic component leg cutter & bender
  • Label feeder
  • Air hose cutter
  • Automatic lubricant packing machine
  • Automatic carton sealing machine
  • Laser etching machine
Automation Requirement

Here are some requirements for designing automation:  

  1. Easy material handling
  2. Components should be easy orientated and easy to be loaded and unloaded from the fixtures and robot arms.
  3.  Design the components into modules.
  4. Prefer standardization and less variation
  5. Try to simplify operations  (Complexity of operations will determine the type of robot arms: XY, Rotary, Cartesians, SCARA, 6-Axis)
  6. Determination of Robot will be based on the following parameters:  load, orientation, speed, travel, precision, environment and duty cycle.  Sometimes referred to as LOSTPED parameters.
Custom Made Manufacturing Process

If you have a special manufacturing requirement, we can help you. 

Some of our successful projects:

  • Roller nap drilling
  • Coil winding
  • Stator and Rotor assembly
  • Laser etching
  • Laser welding 
  • ABS part glueing